Architecture and Narrative is a fair interest of mine, one which stems from a deeper interest in the overlap of all of the arts. I have the deep seated suspicion that the arts are an imperative in the roster of the various aspects of the human experience. A friend of mine showed me a made […]

After an extended absence from wordpress, I finally found the time to get back online with my project.  Since I have last posted I was one of the directors of the Nexus Student Architecture Congress, hosting 300 students from Australia and New Zealand, seeing 14 national and international speakers. A personal highlight for me was […]

Paris, April 15, 2013 Dear Joe Larkings, Thank you for your email. The Maison de verre is open for a limited number of visits by appointment and group visits for schools of architecture are given priority. The visits are organized on Thursdays afternoon at 2 and 3:30PM (exclusively) and are limited to a maximum of 10 people […]

Thanks to my main man Adam (currently completing his PhD in Neurobiology!) he has made me aware of a free lecture at the BMRI on the latest studies in PTSD for defence personnel by Dr Brian O’Toole For more Check it:,-ptsd-and-the-psychological-health-of-veterans-and-their-families 17 April 2013 Can we send soldiers to war and have them come home […]

The Drones‘ I SEE SEAWEED was released a month or two again. I have been lucky enough to see these guys live and they rock hard. I have been known to listen to abstract electronic sound art/wank music but recently there have been some excellent records released with songs that run for 2-4 minutes with discernable […]

“About Us MISSION: To Champion Fort Scratchley as a Hunter Heritage Asset of World Class.” What is the purpose of continuing a selective history of a site? Where does preservation and memory fit into an ethical modern society? Susan Sontag doing her thing might provide a nicely secular perspective: “Remembering is an ethical act, has ethical […]

We’ll see.